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Customer service is a priority at Dog Naturals.  I will happily discuss our products and help you make the best selection for your dog.  If you are looking for a new food, a great shampoo or finding a collar or harness that properly fits your dog I am happy to help and show you your options.  I am gradually expanding product lines and would love to hear what you need and want from the only local pet supply shop in the Branson West Area!


Choosing the right dog food doesn't have to be hard.  Dog food labels in general can be confusing and down right misleading.  You may think you are giving your dog a great food only to find out the ingredients are sub-par.  Natural and healthy foods make all the difference in your dogs health.  A great diet can improve everything from great skin and coat, to reduced signs of aging and promote healthy and active temperaments. Not to mention saving you on vet bills for itchy scratchy skin and ears!  Yes your dog will survive on something you pick up at the local supermarket... but the question is... Will he THRIVE?  


  • Party Animal
  • Primal Raw Foods
  • Precise Holistic Select
  • Natures Logic special order
  • Lotus Pet Foods
  • Fromm
  • Nutrisca & Live Free
  • Nutrisource
  • Pure Vitta
  • Canine Caviar
  • Stella and Chewys
  • and many others available by special order.  Never an extra charge for special orders.  Call 417-338-0081 for any orders or questions.

Natural Treats are the perfect way to compliment a healthy diet.  Dog Naturals offers several brands and types of treats to tempt your dogs palate!  Even the treats you choose can impact your dogs system.  Treats are a great way to add beneficial nutrients to your dogs diet.  You can erase all the efforts of a healthy diet with just one junky treat.  Every treat at Dog Naturals is made with the best quality ingredients and many are Corn, Wheat and Soy free for dogs who do better without these ingredients.

    • Healthy Baker
    • Barkworth Gourmet
    • Tuscan Treats
    • Gymborne
    • Dogswell
    • Twistix
    • Get Naked
    • Natures Logic
    • Grandma Lucy's
    • Plato Pet Treats
    • Lazy Dog Cookie Co.
    • Cloustar the makers of Buddy Biscuits
    • True Chews
    • Canine Caviar buffalo chews
    • Blue Buffalo
    • PetKind
    • Canine Cattle Company
    • Bravo
    • Stella & Chewys
    • Wet Noses
    • Sojos
    • k9 Granola Factory
    • Fruitables and many many more!

Play time is more fun after a trip to Dog Naturals.  We offer a wide selection of toys you won't find just anywhere.  Puzzles, Ropes, Balls, plush and squeeky: we have toys of all shapes and sizes to keep your dog fit active and entertained. It doesn't matter if fetch is your dogs favorite game or tug of war, a great new toy is just around the corner.

Bones, Jerky and Tendons for dogs who love to CHEW!

American Made Bones and Chews aren't hard to find at Dog Naturals. Dogs love to chew on everything from bones to jerky.  Keeping these great things around will hopefully keep your best friend desire to chew under wraps.  

  • Canine Cattle Company
  • Dogswell 
  • Canine Caviar Buffalo Chews
  • Bravo
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Petkind
  • Red Barn
  • Whimzees
  • Primal

Clothing isn't just for people anymore.  Tanks, tees, hoodies, sweaters and jackets keeps pet styling in hot and cold weather.

Nothing compliments a great grooming more than a new collar or harness.  Dog Naturals is happy to adjust and transfer tags for your dog with the purchase of any new collar or harness.

Bows, bandannas  and accessories always compliment your dog's appearance and are an easy gift for any dog Lover.  

Dog Naturals is ever expanding our lines to bring you everything your dog needs.  Now offering, bowls, beds, shampoos and colognes and even a few carriers and many other items can be special ordered!
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