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Meet Jamie Schuller: owner, groomer, bather... wearer of many hats at Dog Naturals.

The most important element in determining the quality of dog grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer. Dog Naturals Grooming was founded by Jamie Schuller in 2006.  With 18 years in the industry Jamie is one of the most experienced and talented groomers in the Branson area. Your dog receives one on one dedicated grooming, that is consistent from groom to groom.  Your dog will know what to expect and so will you. A little bit about what I bring to the grooming table follows:

Education Experience

I started off to College as an art major and enjoyed the time spent learning to be creative and see things in an artist's perspective. After realizing my true passion was for animals I became an Animal Science major and studied everything from Large Animal husbandry to nutrition and medical care of animals.  Dog Grooming was an obvious way to combine both my love of art and of animals. I apprenticed under two master groomers each with more than 30 years experience.

Work Experience

I have groomed in nearly every type of situation from boarding kennels, to vets offices and independent and large pet stores.  Each type of grooming employment requires a different set of grooming skills.  I have groomed dogs in all life stages from the youngest of puppies to the oldest of seniors developing a patient and light hand that provides a stress free grooming for even the most nervous of dogs.  I have seen hundreds of dogs with skin problems, allergies and medical conditions that require delicate grooming to avoid aggravation. 

Personal Experience

I have trained dogs for conformation, agility and obedience.  I have bred and raised numerous litters and have attended countless seminars on training, breeding, nutrition and health.  I am an avid reader of books, magazines and websites relating to dogs, their care and the products and foods that are out there to help dogs THRIVE!  I am happy to share this with every dog owner looking for help to keep their dog the happiest, and healthiest.

My Grooming Philosophy

I strive to create a work of art in each dog I groom.  I want you and your dog to both be happy with they way they look and feel.  I always employ a stress free approach to grooming, and feel that no part of the grooming process is worth stressing a pet.  Often a little patience will eventually get a pet over an issue with the grooming process and in time they will gladly accept the process.  I always inform each owner about how things went and any and all problems that may arise during grooming.

Grooming at Dog Naturals is generally by appointment. Pets are dropped off between 9 am 10:30am. I estimate your pick-up time when you drop off and almost always accommodate your schedule. You may pick up as late as 5 pm. Appointments are available Monday through Friday.  Walk in's will be accepted as time permits, however advance scheduling is highly recommended. 

Grooming services at Dog Naturals are offered in a spacious climate controlled building.  Large windows let in lots of natural light for a bright sunny atmosphere for your dog.  There is a large indoor play area for dogs who prefer some time out of the kennel Room. The Kennel Room offers spacious crates where your dog can look around enjoy keeping me and the other dogs company.  Dogs are always provided a soft fluffy towel so if they prefer to nap the day away they can stay comfortable.  Crate dryers are NEVER used at Dog Naturals.

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